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Sellers, build your community and accelerate your sales

Take control of how you present your items by showing them off in 20-60 second videos pitching your product. Build a following of shoppers, share your clips across social media, and sell more, faster.

Buyers, stop working so hard & shop by watching

Get the best views possible of hard-to-find items. Listen to trusted sellers talk about their products and get recommended items you want at low prices.

How Encore Works


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Take a short video

Take a short video of the item you want to sell. During the video, describe the item! What is the item's condition? Is it rare? Where'd you get it? Pitch your product!

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Add a few details

Set your listing's title, add any other details shoppers should know in the description, and set the item's price & shipping cost.

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Sell more, faster!

“Create listing”, and that's it! We'll make sure your video is shown to the right shoppers, but if you want to sell even faster, upload your video to your social media page(s), and shout out your Encore profile!


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Shop by watching

Watch short videos of sellers pitching items. Search through users or products if you already know what you're looking for. Follow sellers whose products you love. Save listings for later if you aren't completely sold.

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Checkout fast

When you find an item to buy, tap “Buy now”, and select a credit or debit card & your shipping address (if you haven't saved these already!). Or, message the seller, and make them an offer.

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Trust what you purchased

We verify the identity of every seller on Encore, and our video-based shopping gives you the best possible view of the items you're purchasing. Still not convinced? We guarantee your purchase is as-described, or your money back.

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Explore your interest and find new hobbies

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Build a community and connect with other collectors

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