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Encore Tobacco Flavor - Cartridge Refills
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Encore Tobacco Flavor - Cartridge Refills
by Encore Vapor Inc.
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Regular = 16mg
Light = 11mg.
Ultra = 6mg.
None = 0mg.
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There are 5 cartridges per carton, and each cartridge is equal to roughly 2 packs of traditional cigarettes.
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Encore is a great tasting electronic cigarett, I have tried several and come back to Encore. the taste is good, the shipping is not slow, customer service is great. I tried Blu recently and had a bad experience with the taste, but ended up out my money because they dont want to work with you. never again. Im sticking with Encore this time.
Reviewed by:  elaine martin from norfolk virginia. on 7/17/2014
love your products but have difficulty redeeming points. I have e mailed you but no response...how do you redeem points. Website does not seem to work for this
Reviewed by:  sue siegmund from orange county. on 7/17/2014
a good electronic. I'm very satisfied with the price, quality, and shipping.
Reviewed by:  donald shive from norfolk, va. on 2/14/2014
Reviewed by:  Sharon Weiss from Kenner LA. on 12/12/2013
Why do people still smoke regular Cigarettes?
I used to be a pack a day smoker. Roughly 2 years and 3 months ago I picked up the encore product at a local smoke shop. Here it is all that time later and I still haven't smoked a regular one yet, nor do I feel the desire to. The encore brand has one of the best tastes around, and I have tried plenty of other brands. I hence termed people who still smoke as conducting self-inflicted murder, do yourself a favor, live 10 years longer, stop stinking up yourself and the environment, breath better, taste food better and still enjoy an excellent product that mimics regular cigarettes. Pick up one of these devices today from encore.
Reviewed by:  Brian Ludwig from Phoenix, AZ. on 6/22/2013
saving money
Been a pack, pack and a half smoker for 20 years. Thee Electronic Cigarette has cut that down greatly. The 24mg is waht I enjoy and taste so much better than that tobacco in paper. Thanx!!!
Reviewed by:  Kevin Collier from Ellijay Ga.. on 3/25/2013
I have not smoked a regular cigarette. My cravings are satisfied with the Encore electronic cigarette.I am very satisfied with this product and my family is so happy not seeing me outside smoking!
Reviewed by:  Lori from North Carolina. on 1/21/2013
my review
totally satisfied with what I ordered.
Reviewed by:  Elizabeth Rome from Tucson.AZ. on 12/31/2012
The cartridges I received work great. Hopefully you can get some cartridges that are stronger than the 24mg. I recently tried the Blue Raz flavor and it was amazing.
Reviewed by:  Scott Olsen from Virginia Beach, VA. on 11/12/2012
Encore solves Cold Turkey problem
I've been trying to quit smoking for yrs now.. had some success that lasted weeks, then fell back. I started smoking e-cgs, various varieties, but without doubt have found that Encore is the winner! The battery lasts the longest and the cartridges didn't disappoint... best flavor, perfect nicotine quantity, which I started out full flavor, down to zero-mg's. I haven't picked up or looked at a cigarette since! I wish Encore had been around twenty yrs ago. Thanks Encore - GREAT product!!
Reviewed by:  Scott Towse from Shirley, NY. on 4/18/2012
24mg Cartridges
The 16mg cartridges were a little too weak for my cravings, but 24mg is much better. Vapor allows me to get enough nicotine to end my craving, while remaining discreet and odor-free. The shipping was fast and the product is exactly as described. You can stop at anytime, then pick it back up (where you left off). This saves you money because you're not afraid of "wasting" a cigarette by putting it out (when you've only smoked half of it). I highly recommend this product!
Reviewed by:  Lynn Bryant from Hampton Roads, Virginia. on 11/2/2011
24 MG Review
I am very satisfied with the 24 MG catridges. These are much more satisfying than the 16 MG that I purchased at my local smoke shop. I find that I smoke less during the day with the higher nicotine content. They seem to last longer. Great Product!
Reviewed by:  Ryan Kurtz from Reno, Nevada. on 10/23/2011
Strong and flavorful
The 24mg cartridges are strong and flavorful. I am very satisfied with the encore e-cig products and wouldn't recommend anyone but them. If u are looking for a way to quit or an alternative to smoking the encore e-cig is the product for u. Thanks encore!
Reviewed by:  chester denson from Winfield, KS. on 8/11/2011
Great product
Appreciated the quick shipping. Very satisfied with products.
Reviewed by:  Susan Ledbetter from Virgina Beach, VA. on 5/30/2011
2 weeks
It has been 2 weeks and no real cigarettes. Thanks Encore!
Reviewed by:  John Geradian from Victorville, CA. on 5/22/2011
Quick Shipping Thanks-
I will be trying out flavors soon.
Reviewed by:  Cigarette Depot from Roselle, IL. on 11/6/2010
Fast Shipping!
Thanks for the ultra quick shipping. -Moe
Reviewed by:  Tobacco Island from Chicago, IL. on 11/4/2010
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