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Encore Menthol Flavor - Cartomizer Refills
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Encore Menthol Flavor - Cartomizer Refills
by Encore Vapor Inc.
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Menthol Flavor:
Light = 11mg.
Ultra = 6mg.
None = 0mg.
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There are 5 cartridges per carton, and each cartridge is equal to roughly 2 packs of traditional cigarettes.
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Personal Carrying Case
Average Rating
Encore menthol rechargeable/cartridge the best
encore cartridges & rechargeable battery holder are the discrete way to get a bit of great tasting nicotine without setting off smoke detectors/fire police. my bride has stopped complaining about my clothes & car funk. menthol is better than the marlbore man offers. thanks Encore.
Reviewed by:  randy from relam@relamlaw.com. on 10/25/2015
You continue to have an excellent product--and more importantly--you do back it up with your warranty. Your battery performs well--consistently; and your cartridges deliver very good flavor. My only concern is that they're getting a little pricy--be careful! I've come back to the cartridge-smoke after trying the liquid. So any price increase won't move me to the liquid--instead, it'll move me to another product! For now, though, I'm still "your guy". Bill Byrnes
Reviewed by:  Bill Byrnes from Bloomington, il. on 1/25/2014
Mrs. Margaret Myers
This is the 2nd or 3rd time that I have bought the Encore menthol filters and I would definitely buy them again. They dont taste like a regular menthol cigarette. They have a very smooth and clean taste.They are not harsh or strong tasting at all.More like spearment and very enjoyable. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to try an e cigarette.
Reviewed by:  Margaret Myers from Tucson,Arizona. on 10/14/2013
Menthol Encore
Hi Let me start by saying the product shouild be called Encore the non lethal cigarette, oh tes you do keep your nicotine habit,but are able to lets say detox yourself when your ready(when your ready!!!) without the tar and other carcinogens. I've been diagnosed with lung cancer and Thank god There is a product like Encore to help me when I can't help myself.Thankx guys.
Reviewed by:  Brian from Wurtsboro New York. on 3/28/2013
Menthol Flavor
I started with The 6mg. because they were equal to the ultra cigarettes I smoked. Now I am smoking the 0mg and there great. It took me a couple of weeks to get use to them but now I use them all the time and I find myself only taking a puff a two every now and then. Best way to quit the tar and nicotian.
Reviewed by:  Marlene Venegas from Lewisville, Texas. on 3/13/2013
Hope it goes on sale!!
24millgrms half off, it's my fave!! <3
Reviewed by:  Jamie Shrader from Toledo, Ohio. on 1/14/2013
Great Vape
The bold flavor is something you can't get out of normal electronic cigarettes you buy anywhere else. I prefer buying online because of how fast the order gets processed and the shipping is super fast.
Reviewed by:  Ryan Sprader from Madisonville, LA. on 9/5/2012
Great Vapor
I really enjoy the 24mg. This has saved me tons of money compared to traditional smokes.
Reviewed by:  Bill Dell from Maplelake, MN. on 6/3/2012
Wow,what a deal.One cartridge is like 2 packs of real cigarettes.Reasonably priced,much better deal than the other brands.Glad I stumbled onto these. Thanks
Reviewed by:  Stuart Koniarski from Blue island ,Ill.. on 4/8/2012
Reliable Cartridges
I left these in my car over the weekend. They froze, and still worked. Not sure how, but very impressed.
Reviewed by:  Patricia Belle from Milwaukee, WI. on 3/1/2012
Fixed mistake
I ordered the 24mg. Menthol on accident and Encore was amazing when it came to fixing it for me. I smoke the 16mg because the 24mg is way to strong for me.
Reviewed by:  Shirley Deppe from Colfax, CA. on 3/1/2012
Tastes Great!
Bought these for my wife, she was a little skeptical at first but after trying it she lives it! She says it tastes like spearmint gum! lol...
Reviewed by:  Jim Wen from Virginia Beach, VA. on 7/21/2011
New Starter Kit
I've used and liked your products. I can buy them locally,from the corner store,where I used to get my cigarettes. I just bought another Starter Kit. This time a single. I had misplaced my "Core Kit"(a small camera bag).All I had was a spent cartridge,and a batt. I figured it was worth it, I could always use extras.
Reviewed by:  Shellie Hudson from Akron,Ohio. on 7/16/2011
Great Flavor
I was very pleased with your customer service department when I was having an issue with screwing on my cartridge. Very helpful, thank you!
Reviewed by:  Luella Thomas from Campbell, CA. on 6/22/2011
Wow, the flavoring in these is amazing. Tastes more like mint than anything.
Reviewed by:  Morag Hill from Idaho. on 5/22/2011
Menthol Flavor - Cartomizer Refills
Really fresh.
Reviewed by:  Maria Beagle from Akron,oh. on 4/25/2011
Thanks for the quick shipping guys!
Reviewed by:  Josh Jenkins from J&P Tobacco. on 11/5/2010
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