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Encore E-liquid Bottles
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Encore E-liquid Bottles

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Blue Raz 24mg.
Vanilla Dream 16mg.
Summer Punch 16mg.
Tropical Breeze 16mg.
Double Apple 16mg.
Double Apple 24mg.
French Roast 24mg.
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Encore E-liquids are now available with Encore's unique flavor profiles. We have taken our top selling e-liquids and packaged them in 15ML bottles for your refilling pleasure! Why use E-liquid? E-liquid is ideal for people who use e-cigs frequently and go through cartridges quickly. It gives you more control over product performance It can give you more vapor, better taste and throat hit Encore E-liquid is always sealed to guarantee freshness, and comes with a child resistant cap.
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Rating Great Products
I've bought encore products for years, when I could no longer find them in stores I turned to the website.
  Reviewed by:   from Idaho. on 10/14/2016
Rating No regrets
I've used Encore Tobacco flavored E-liquid since August 3rd 2014. That was the day I quit smoking cigarettes. I'm not into it as a novelty like many young people are. I've used it to specifically replace cigarettes. And I've used this flavor since day one. If you're using to quit smoking, I recommend you stick to the tobacco flavor. If you are quitting menthol cigs, use1/4 menthol and 3/4 tobacco. It won't taste so minty. Mix to your preference. And remember to stick to the same brand throughout. You'll get used to a taste. (which you'll see what I mean if you switch after a while). Almost two years tobacco free, and my body is saying it likes. :)
  Reviewed by:   from Scranton. on 6/3/2016
Rating Double Bubble E juice
Best e cig juice around!! Try to only buy from Encore and the double bubble is my absolute favorite!!! No other juices or brands compare.
  Reviewed by:   from Kellogg. on 2/5/2016
Rating Outstanding!!
Every time I go to the smoke shop thy are always out of the Encore E-liquid bottles. I found this website doing a google search. I cannot believe the fast shipping and the discounted price. I order the Tobacco 16mg. This is a great place to save on all Encore products. I have told all my friends about his site! I am so pleased! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print Encore E-liquid Bottles
  Reviewed by:   from Hammett. on 11/14/2015
Rating 24mg tobacco
descent enough to say the least i got the 24mg tobacco flavour which to me had a very slight citrus scent and flavor. i am still new and will be testing different flavors but so far i like it. if actually feels allot like smoking a full flavored cigarette.
  Reviewed by:   from would recommend. on 12/8/2014
Rating [email protected]
Great Product and they honor their warranties.
  Reviewed by:   from [email protected] on 11/19/2014
Rating refreshing
Love mixing the eliquid together! My favorite is BlueRaz and Tropical breeze! Tnx Encore!
  Reviewed by:   from refreshing. on 11/18/2014
Rating Double Bubble
It sounds unmanly as hell but the Double Bubble is the best I've come across-and I've ordered and tried most of then that are supposed to be the 'best". It's my go to flavor and I'm done looking for the "best"
  Reviewed by:   from Sedalia, Mo. on 10/29/2014
Rating Love the juice
Juice is great will definitely buy again. I like the summer punch the best just wish it came in 24mg strength. Would buy these again and am going to try all the flavors
  Reviewed by:   from Illinois. on 10/24/2014
Rating E liquid
I have to be honest and say that I have tried other liquids. Encore has the absolute best flavors I have tried and am sticking with their company for future purchases. I honestly have not tried one that I don't like! My favorites are summer punch, double bubble and apple. I have not tried coffee or cigarette flavor, but the remainder of the flavors are perfect!
  Reviewed by:   from Maine. on 10/16/2014
Rating Doesn't matter
The coffee 16mg. Is awesome. I have tried a lot of co. Coffee and encore could not be beat.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 8/22/2014
Rating Love the Flavors
I have been smoking Encore now for almost a year now, and I have to say, I love their products. I started with buying a disposable e-cigarette of theirs while out on a motorcycle ride and thought that would be handier than a standard Marlboro and have been with Encore ever since. I went to the standard rechargeable e-cig, and then went to the liquid e-cigarettes which I enjoy the most. They have the best flavor, plus I felt that they are the cheapest way to go in the long run. I have all the flavors. I originally avoided the basic tobacco flavor, because I thought "why smoke a blah cigarette when you can have a flavored one". After trying the Tobacco flavor, I realized that if I smoked this on regular basis, it made the flavored ones more flavorful. Now I keep all the flavors on hand, and keep a stocked up on Tobacco. If your a smoker, I strongly suggest you try Encore. Vaping is so much more convenient (plus doesn't bother those around you).
  Reviewed by:   from Racine, WI. on 3/10/2014
Rating Menthol 16mg.
I picked up a bottle of Menthol 16mg. and after my first few puffs I pretty much knew this was going to be my main flavor I'll stick with. The liquid itself has a great consistency and isn't too thick. The flavor is exceptional and it produces a nice amount of vapor. I would say it tastes like a combo of peppermint and spearmint. Super refreshing and the taste never get's old.
  Reviewed by:   from Chicago. on 1/23/2014
Rating man
The tobacco 24mg.is great the best I've found thanks encore
  Reviewed by:   from Knoxville. on 12/2/2013
Rating Bubble gum e liquid
My regular flavors are menthol and blu raz. I bought the bubble gum flavor as a goof, little did I know how fantastic it would be. The flavor is sweet with a nice bite. The smell reminds me of old school bubble gum machines. I have a new favorite flavor from encore, what a nice surprise from some that sounds unconventional. Can't wait for what you think up next.
  Reviewed by:   from Central CT. on 11/24/2013
Rating BOSSS
I've tried 3 different sub par e smokers over the years i tried Chantix Ect. was giving up on giving up when i got started on the ENCORE line and im hooked havent smoked a cig since monday morning thats the best ive done since 16 THANK YOU SMOKERS WORLD
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia Beach . on 11/23/2013
Rating Taster of Tacos
I purchased 31 bottles of Blue Raz 24mg. I have absolutely no regrets, and while this will last me a very, very long time when I buy more fluid it will be from here, and probably that flavour.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 11/14/2013
Couldn't be more pleased with the product.
  Reviewed by:   from MASS. on 10/24/2013
Rating Best E liquid
Stumbled across this eliquid while on vacation as I ran out of my usual brand. This is by far the best tasting eliquid around. I have tried many diffetent companies and was a loyal customer of one of those until I found this. Will continue to buy again and again.
  Reviewed by:   from ,Connecticut. on 10/17/2013
Rating Mr.
This is the best way to leave regular cigarettes, and Encore has the best tasting E-Liquid on the market.
  Reviewed by:   from Indiana. on 10/11/2013
Encore 510 Thread E-liquid Tanks
Encore 510 Thread E-liquid Tanks
Average Rating 12 Review(s)
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